Euronews (Spanish)

Watch Euronews in Spanish (en español). Euronews is a group of multilingual news media (TV, online, mobile apps, webradio…), headquartered in Lyon, France. Beyond headlines and sensationalism, euronews offers in-depth coverage and analysis from correspondents and news bureaus all over the world. Watch Euronews and receive a daily curated selection of news or take a dive into our continuous stream of news videos. Whether or not you follow the news elsewhere, euronews will always bring you a fresh point of view on the world’s stories.


Watch Euronews in Spanish (en español) – Live stream


Euronews in Spanish (en español) – YouTube channel


Euronews le ofrece una dosis diaria de noticias internacionales, jerarquizadas y explicadas por el canal de noticias mas visto en Europa.

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