France Info

France Info is a French domestic rolling news channel. After LCI, CNEWS and BFMTV (available on free national DTT), and France 24 (worldwide and in Île-de-France only), France Info is the fifth rolling news channel in France. The goal of France Info is to distance itself from the competition by focusing heavily on straight news coverage, hoping to offer a higher-quality news service.


Watch France Info (French / en français) – Live stream


France Info – Most recent recorded broadcasts (playlist)


Unlike other news channels, France Info can be watched without sound, thanks to some reports being text-heavy. Journalists can explain the stories using an interactive touchscreen. The cameraman moves along with the journalists, with a mobile device accompanied. The tone is mostly offbeat, without forgetting to be serious if required. The presentation – done in a studio integrated directly into the newsroom by an anchorman and/or anchorwoman, serving as both news anchors and segment introducers – as well as the interactivity with the “Le Live” thread seen on the channel’s website, are other distinctive differences.

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