GLORY Kickboxing

GLORY is an international kickboxing promotion company founded in 2012 by Glory Sports International Pte Ltd. partners Pierre Andurand, Scott Rudmann and Total Sports Asia. The company has its headquarters in Singapore.
GLORY World Series events is the world’s premier kickboxing league, with a heritage stretching back to 1999 – with the creation of Golden Glory billed the most successful martial arts team in history. GLORY events are staged around the globe and with over 30 nationalities on the GLORY roster, its events are truly the World Cup of kickboxing. Its prestigious 16-man tournaments offer prize money unmatched by any other organization in the field, with winners taking away up to $1,000,000 and earning lucrative sponsorships from some of the world’s foremost brands.
GLORY Kickboxing is the world’s number 1 kickboxing league, bringing the top kickboxers under one roof.

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