TRT World

TRT World is a Turkish state international news channel broadcast 24-hours per day in English. The news channel is based in Istanbul. It provides worldwide news and current affairs with a pronounced emphasis on news relating to Turkey and Western Asia. It provides an exclusively Turkish perspective on global matters.


TRT World – Live stream


TRT World – YouTube Channel


TRT World is aimed at a worldwide audience and is broadcast via satellite, cable operators and across digital platforms. In addition to its Istanbul headquarters, TRT World has broadcast centres in Washington D.C., London, and Singapore. TRT World is part of Turkey’s public broadcaster, the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, and is a member of the Association for International Broadcasting.
Turkey’s geopolitical and geocultural positioning is indicative of a potential to see world events differently. Throughout history, this land has hosted the collaboration of many civilisations and has long been a hub where ideas, information and trade intersect. In an age of information where the primary language of mutual communication between various cultures is English, TRT World will provide new perspectives on world events to a global audience.

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